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WELCOME to Prima Dental Clinic

Prima Dental Clinic, is dedicated to serving the community by providing
the best dentistry and oral medicine to our patients.
We understand that you will have questions about your dental needs and
dental procedures.
We are here to answer any questions you may have because we believe
that the best patient is an informed patient.
We will also tell you what options are available. We work with many top
healthcare professionals and dental specialists and can advise you when
one is also needed.
Our goal is to help return you to excellent oral health with as little incon-
venience as possible.

It's true - everyone loves to see a beautiful smile.
A beautiful smile conveys confidence, health and well being.
At Prima Dental Clinic we can create the smile you have only dreamed of.

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We are in Punta Prima in the La Campana centro commercial centre, if
you leave the main 332 at the blue bridge, pass the petrol station on
the right hand side you can find us in the next centre on the upper floor.
It is easily visible from the 332 and parking is available at all times.